Kaizen Gate

About us

Kaizen Gate Hotel & Training Center was born with a social mission by creating space for learning, exchanging views to promote mutual understand and respect. In contrary of classical touristic hotels we merge both leisure activities and development parallel. The two entrepreneurs and youth trainers Zek Dundar and Kaan Cengiz got the inspiration from the training courses they were implementing at different parts of Europe in last 10 years. We believe that good memories are not only depend the physical places but the people who make it that’s why we see our clients as a partner. How Come a Tourist Facility has social mission? We are two young youth workers and trainer with entrepreneurial mind. In last 10 years we organized trainings, seminars and conferences around the world and we realized the big need of having space for learning combined with leisure activities as believe learning is much efficient when it is enjoyable and fun. What makes us different? In the contrary of mess touristic facilities, we are well aware of people’ needs. We believe the quality service, positive energy and human relations are very important. For us, our clients are the money bringers but as partners.

Our Standard

1. Ready to Support
Our team is ready and available to support you during your whole stay. We are open to feedbacks. Have any problems or inquires? Please feel free to contact our team members.
2. Respect and Tolerance
All of our approaches are in frame of respect. We believe our differences are our diversity. We do not accept or support any racist, sexist or discriminative approaches and actions. We tolerate and accept different religion, beliefs and sexual orientations.
3. Polyglot Availability
We are able work in English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Latvian and Russian. Have any problem with communication? Feel free to approach and we will find a best to communicate.
4. Dynamic and Positive Energy
We believe with positive and optimistic approaches we are able to solve any problem. We welcome our guests with smile and positive energy. We will contribute your stay with such approach beside our services.